Thursday, December 1, 2011

Hyundai iday – Kim Ha Yul

Joining Ju Da Ha at the Hyundai iday event was the ever lovely Kim Ha Yul. She sports a race queen outfit and a bluish gray strapless dress. While she looks good in both I have to say I think she looks better in the race queen outfit (and I don’t typically like race queen outfits). Enjoy~ Thanks goes to An1mA for providing me these pictures.

Kim-Ha-Yul-Hyundai-iday-01-very cute asian
Kim-Ha-Yul-Hyundai-iday-02-very cute asian

Kim-Ha-Yul-Hyundai-iday-03-very cute asian
Kim-Ha-Yul-Hyundai-iday-04-very cute asian

Kim-Ha-Yul-Hyundai-iday-05-very cute asian

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