Saturday, December 24, 2011

Heo Yun Mi – Plaid Tankini

Heo Yun Mi is back to heating things up this winter. This time she is wearing a plaid tankini while under a outdoors shower. Wish there were more pictures but these 7 will have to do for now. Enjoy ^^~

Heo-Yun-Mi-Plaid-Tankini-01-very cute asian
Heo-Yun-Mi-Plaid-Tankini-02-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Plaid-Tankini-03-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Plaid-Tankini-04-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Plaid-Tankini-05-very cute asian

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