Thursday, November 3, 2011

Maid Cheon Bo Young

After a long time of absent at RCA we have a maid set ladies and gentlemen, this gorgeous maid goes by the name of Cheon Bo Young and yep she is a new girl Some might know her allready, but for those who don’t know her at all check out Xeno’s blog for more photos of her. Enjoy ^^~

Maid-Cheon-Bo-Young-01-very cute asian

Maid-Cheon-Bo-Young-02-very cute asian

Maid-Cheon-Bo-Young-03-very cute asian
Maid-Cheon-Bo-Young-04-very cute asian

Maid-Cheon-Bo-Young-05-very cute asian
Maid-Cheon-Bo-Young-06-very cute asian

Maid-Cheon-Bo-Young-07-very cute asian

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