Friday, November 18, 2011

Kim Ha Yul - G-Star 2011

At this post we have Kim Ha Yul, who is in the same sexy outfit as Heo Yun Mi. The one thing I noticed is the badge, “suprise cock fags” quite funny though. As well, I dont mind to switch places at the last photo, I mean who doesn’t want to recieve a kiss from Heo Yun Mi ?

G-Star-2011-Kim-Ha-Yul-01-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Kim-Ha-Yul-02-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Kim-Ha-Yul-03-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Kim-Ha-Yul-04-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Kim-Ha-Yul-05-very cute asian
G-Star-2011-Kim-Ha-Yul-06-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Kim-Ha-Yul-07-very cute asian

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