Thursday, November 10, 2011

Kang Yui – Hello Curves

A lovely outdoor set from my beloved queen Kang Yui and damn look het the 1st photo, killer curves ^^ It seems like most all outdoor shoots now a days do has Autumn as theme. They have all right to do so, but thankfully not all photos of this set of Kang Yui are Autumn photos. Altough I really like the photo of Kang Yui with a leaf. Enjoy ^^~

Kang-Yui-Hello-Curves-01-very cute asian

Kang-Yui-Hello-Curves-02-very cute asian

Kang-Yui-Hello-Curves-03-very cute asian
Kang-Yui-Hello-Curves-04-very cute asian

Kang-Yui-Hello-Curves-05-very cute asian

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