Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Hello Min Ah

A new beauty at Girlcute4u, her name is Min Ah (remember that). If I’m correct she is a amateur-model. I recently spotted her, but photos or complete sets of her are rare on the internet sadly. Mainly because I can’t find her full name or cafe and she has the same name of a member of the Korean girlgroup “Girls Day”. I hope you like this new girl as much as I do and last but not least, enjoy the 2 mini sets of Min Ah. Enjoy ^^~

Hello-Min-Ah-01-very cute asian

Hello-Min-Ah-02-very cute asian

Hello-Min-Ah-03-very cute asian

Hello-Min-Ah-04-very cute asian
Hello-Min-Ah-05-very cute asian

Hello-Min-Ah-06-very cute asian

Hello-Min-Ah-07-very cute asian

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