Friday, November 18, 2011

Cha Sun Hwa - G-Star 2011

Cha Sun Hwa as well at the G-Star 2011 event She has sort of fell of the radar at Girlcute4u, but I hardly think any other girl at the event who looks as good as Cha Sun Hwa in a cosplay outfit. She looks simply amazing ^^ Must say it took quite a while for me to find these photos, so hopefully you like these photos as much as I do. Enjoy ^^~

G-Star-2011-Cha-Sung-Hwa-01-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Cha-Sung-Hwa-02-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Cha-Sung-Hwa-03-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Cha-Sung-Hwa-04-very cute asian

G-Star-2011-Cha-Sung-Hwa-05-very cute asian

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