Friday, October 21, 2011

Sun Xin Ya – Yellow Bikini

Sun Xin Ya shows off her figure a bit more in this set. Instead of being underwater in a orange bikini she is out of the water in this set in a ruffle yellow bikini top and skirted yellow bikini bottom. Hope you guys now have seen enough of her to decide if you like her or not. Enjoy ^^~

Sun-Xin-Ya-Yellow-Bikini-01-very cute asian

Sun-Xin-Ya-Yellow-Bikini-02-very cute asian

Sun-Xin-Ya-Yellow-Bikini-03-very cute asian

Sun-Xin-Ya-Yellow-Bikini-04-very cute asian

Sun-Xin-Ya-Yellow-Bikini-05-very cute asian

Sun-Xin-Ya-Yellow-Bikini-05-very cute asian

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