Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Shi Zi Jia – White Sheer Top

Sticking with the sheer clothing theme today we have Shi Zi Jia wearing a white sheer top, black bra and panties. Even though she is wearing more in this set then the last couple of sets I think she looks better this time. Enjoy ^^~

Shi-Zi-Jia-White-Sheer-Top-01-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-White-Sheer-Top-02-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-White-Sheer-Top-03-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-White-Sheer-Top-04-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-White-Sheer-Top-05-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-White-Sheer-Top-06-very cute asian

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