Sunday, October 2, 2011

Shi Zi Jia – Denim Lingerie

Well it has been far too long since Shi Zi Jia was featured on RCA don’t you think .Today we have her in some denim lingerie (it is actually denim print but semantics) made by Levi. I sure like these “jeans” more so than normal ones. Enjoy~

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-01-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-02-very cute asian
Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-03-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-04-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-05-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-06-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-07-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-08-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-09-very cute asian

Shi-Zi-Jia-Denim-Lingerie-10-very cute asian

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