Friday, October 14, 2011

Ryu Ji Hye – Black Dress

Well clearing up a little backlog before I move on to the next event, today we have Ryu Ji Hye in a nice mini black dress. I like the look of spaghetti straps on one shoulder and a solid strap on the other, gives a teasing feeling. Enjoy~

Ryu-Ji-Hye-Black-Dress-01-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-Black-Dress-02-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-Black-Dress-03-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-Black-Dress-04-very cute asian
Ryu-Ji-Hye-Black-Dress-05-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-Black-Dress-06-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-Black-Dress-07-very cute asian

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