Saturday, October 8, 2011

Heo Yun Mi – Blue Halter Top

Well since I can’t find any more pictures of this set I am just going to post it even though I don’t have my usual limit, at least for Korean model posts, of 7 pictures. But Heo Yun Mi does look nice in the 6 pictures I do have of her in a light blue halter top dress. Love the mirror in this set since you get double the HYM in each picture. Enjoy~

Heo-Yun-Mi-Blue-Halter-Top-01-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Blue-Halter-Top-02-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Blue-Halter-Top-03-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Blue-Halter-Top-04-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Blue-Halter-Top-05-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Blue-Halter-Top-06-very cute asian

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