Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Chevy Malibu Event: Lee Sung Hwa

More from the Chevy Malibu Event we have Lee Sung Hwa wearing the same dress as HMH. I prefer the pictures where her hair is not tied back and even more so when she smiles.Enjoy ^^~

Lee-Sung-Hwa-Chevy-Malibu-Event-01-very cute asian

Lee-Sung-Hwa-Chevy-Malibu-Event-02-very cute asian

Lee-Sung-Hwa-Chevy-Malibu-Event-03-very cute asian

Lee-Sung-Hwa-Chevy-Malibu-Event-04-very cute asian

Lee-Sung-Hwa-Chevy-Malibu-Event-05-very cute asian

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