Monday, October 31, 2011

Choi Byul-I – White One Shoulder Mini Dress

Choi Byul-I looks quite elegant a one shoulder mini dress. The studio’s set is quite simple with a blue satin sheet and blueish white wall but that keeps the center of attention on CBI. I only have two things that would have made this set better: her face not to have turned out so shiny in the pictures and more of her legs in them. Enjoy~

Choi-Byul-I-White-Mini-Dress-01-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-White-Mini-Dress-02-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-White-Mini-Dress-03-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-White-Mini-Dress-04-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-White-Mini-Dress-05-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-White-Mini-Dress-06-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-White-Mini-Dress-07-very cute asian

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