Thursday, September 8, 2011

Li Ying Zhi – White Monokini

Following up her magenta monokini set we have Li Ying Zhi rocking a white monokini Unfortunately she isn’t nearly as drenched as she was in the other set but she still looks great, enjoy~

Li-Ying-Zhi-White-Monokini-01-very cute asian

Li-Ying-Zhi-White-Monokini-02-very cute asian

Li-Ying-Zhi-White-Monokini-03-very cute asian

Li-Ying-Zhi-White-Monokini-04-very cute asian

Li-Ying-Zhi-White-Monokini-05-very cute asian

Li-Ying-Zhi-White-Monokini-06-very cute asian

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