Thursday, September 15, 2011

Heo Yun Mi – Red White and Blue [Part 2]

Heo Yun Mi continues to show off her great figure in part two of the Red, White and Blue set. Still loving the short denim shorts, white monokini, and the wedge heels .Enjoy~

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-08-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-09-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-10-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-11-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-12-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-13-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-14-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-15-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-16-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-17-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-18-very cute asian

Heo-Yun-Mi-Red-White-and-Blue-19-very cute asian

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