Sunday, September 4, 2011

G.NA for Lefee Lingerie

Well by popular demand here is G.NA promoting for Lefee Lingerie. These aren’t the typical lingerie advertisements you see so I hope you weren’t all expecting to see G.NA just in her undies. Almost all the pictures aren’t up to the usually resolution standards I try to keep with Korean Model pictures . At the end of the article I have also included the video from the photo shoot. I guess this solves G.NA’s problem of finding bras her size in South Korea.

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-01-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-02-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-03-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-04-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-05-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-06-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-07-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-08-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-09-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-10-very cute asian

GNA-Lefee-Lingerie-11-very cute asian

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