Thursday, August 4, 2011


Sometimes when I scavenger hunt for new photo sets to post, I mostly stumble across teasers. So I wait till more photos are released to prepare a post, dump the less good photos etc. But now and then it will occur that there won’t be more photos been released sadly or not enough to compose a post out of it. What to do then? That is why I thought, why not make a post of it? I mean some of these teasers are really killer and a waste to not show them to the visitors of RCA  By the way, if you have a set (10+ photos) of these teasers below, don’t hesitate to brag about it. Last question, which is your most favorite teaser?

Teasers-01-very cute asian

Teasers-02-very cute asian
Teasers-03-very cute asian

Teasers-04-very cute asian
Teasers-05-very cute asian

Teasers-06-very cute asian

Teasers-07-very cute asian

Teasers-08-very cute asian
Teasers-09-very cute asian
Teasers-10-very cute asian
Teasers-11-very cute asian

Teasers-12-very cute asian

Teasers-13-very cute asian

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