Thursday, August 18, 2011

So Yeon – Comic Dress

So Yeon looking simply stunning in the comic dress, no words need to be said more. Altough wait a minute, didn’t Ryu Ji Hye wore the same dress? Yes, yes she did, you don’t have to be a genius to figure that out A show off between So Yeon and Ryu Ji Hye in this comic dress will be posted later this week. Enjoy ^^~

So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-01-very cute asian
So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-02-very cute asian

So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-03-very cute asian
So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-04-very cute asian

So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-05-very cute asian
So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-06-very cute asian

So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-07-very cute asian
So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-08-very cute asian

So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-09-very cute asian
So-Yeon-Comic-Dress-10-very cute asian

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