Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Choi Byul-I – One Shoulder Red Dress

Well it has been quite some time since this set has been out but I haven’t had enough pictures where Choi Byul-I’s face wasn’t super shiny in but I finally have enough to post I really like this one shoulder red dress hope you do to. Enjoy ^^~

Choi-Byul-I-One-Shoulder-Red-Dress-01-very cute asian
Choi-Byul-I-One-Shoulder-Red-Dress-02-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-One-Shoulder-Red-Dress-03-very cute asian
Choi-Byul-I-One-Shoulder-Red-Dress-04-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-One-Shoulder-Red-Dress-05-very cute asian
Choi-Byul-I-One-Shoulder-Red-Dress-06-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-One-Shoulder-Red-Dress-07-very cute asian
Choi-Byul-I-One-Shoulder-Red-Dress-08-very cute asian

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