Thursday, August 18, 2011

Bang Eun Young – Black Romper

Looks like Bang Eun Young went to the studio recently and is giving us some nice pictures She is wearing a black romper and ripped pantyhose in this set. Would have liked more from this set but I will take these seven, enjoy~.

Bang-Eun-Young-Black-Romper-01-very cute asian
Bang-Eun-Young-Black-Romper-02-very cute asian

Bang-Eun-Young-Black-Romper-03-very cute asian
Bang-Eun-Young-Black-Romper-04-very cute asian

Bang-Eun-Young-Black-Romper-05-very cute asian
Bang-Eun-Young-Black-Romper-06-very cute asian

Bang-Eun-Young-Black-Romper-07-very cute asian

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