Saturday, July 9, 2011

Zhao Kexin – Sailor Outfit

Well before I get into the SAS coverage here is a Chinese girl who hasn’t been posted for quite some time Zhao Kexin. Last time she was in a nurses outfit now she moves on to a sexy two piece navy/sailor outfit. Though sometime during the photo shoot her top gets undone and then some how removed. Enjoy ^^~

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-01-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-02-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-03-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-04-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-05-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-06-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-07-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-08-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-09-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-10-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-11-very cute asian

Zhao-Kexin-Sailor-12-very cute asian

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