Monday, July 25, 2011

Yi Li Fay – Ballerina

Yi Li Fay makes another appearance this time in an outfit that reminds me of a ballerina. She is wearing a light pink tank top, layered white skirt, and pink leg warmers. This is a very simple set of her in front of a pink background so hope you enjoy.

Yi-Li-Fay-Ballerina-02-very cute asian

Yi-Li-Fay-Ballerina-01-very cute asian

Yi-Li-Fay-Ballerina-03-very cute asian

Yi-Li-Fay-Ballerina-04-very cute asian

Yi-Li-Fay-Ballerina-05-very cute asian

Yi-Li-Fay-Ballerina-06-very cute asian

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