Sunday, July 3, 2011

SIDEX 2011: Ryu Ji Hye

Now for someone at SIDEX who isn’t in an office lady outfit we have Ryu Ji Hye. She wears a tight fitting and low cut pink dress. This post comes with a nose bleed warning

Even though it would have been less cleavage I would rather have seen her in the office lady outfit that SJ or HYM wore. What does everyone else think?

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-01-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-02-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-03-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-04-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-05-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-06-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-07-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-08-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-09-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-10-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-11-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-12-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-13-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-14-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-15-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-16-very cute asian

Ryu-Ji-Hye-SIDEX-2011-17-very cute asian

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