Wednesday, July 13, 2011

More of Li Fan

Well since there was a lot of interest in her during the July 4th post I found Li Fan’s MOKO page. I have included several sets of photos and two from the July 4th set that didn’t have the USA flag in them so they didn’t get posted. Enjoy ^^~

Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-01-very cute asian

Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-02-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-03-very cute asian

Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-04-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-05-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-06-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-07-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-08-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-09-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-10-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-11-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-12-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-13-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-14-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-15-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-16-very cute asian
Li-Fan-Pink-and-White-17-very cute asian

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