Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Han Ga Eun – Peach Nightie

Han Ga Eun continues too look amazing in her studio sets and this one isn’t any different. She is wearing a peach colored nightie that has a satin upper and chiffon lower. She also goes from perfectly styled hair to more of a messy hair look as the photo shoot progresses. Enjoy ^^~

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-03-very cute asian
Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-01-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-02-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-04-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-05-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-05-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-06-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-07-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-08-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-09-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-10-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-11-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-12-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-13-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Peach-Nightie-14-very cute asian

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