Monday, July 4, 2011

Han Ga Eun on a Rug

I was looking though my folders and found this set of Han Ga Eun on a fur rug taken back in March. I think I didn’t post it because she wears two different “outfits”, I am using that word liberally, and neither get up to my usual 7 picture posting requirement. In the first 5 pictures HGE is wearing a white bed sheet and the the last 4 pictures she is wearing a white dress shirt both while sitting on a fur rug. Enjoy ^^~

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-01-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-02-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-03-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-04-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-05-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-06-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-07-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-08-very cute asian

Han-Ga-Eun-Fur-Rug-09-very cute asian

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