Saturday, July 23, 2011

Choi Byul-I – Yellow and Grey

Going back even further we have Choi Byul-I in a yellow and grey shirt and yellow shorts for this July 2nd photo shoot. The cuteness in this set just doesn’t stop (you have been warned).So enjoy ^^~

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-01-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-02-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-03-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-04-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-05-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-06-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-07-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-08-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-09-very cute asian

Choi-Byul-I-Yellow-and-Grey-10-very cute asian

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