Thursday, June 30, 2011

Hwang Mi Hee – Heart Leggings [Part 1]

Well instead of doing yet another event Hwang Mi Hee made time to go to a studio and do some photo shoots First up is her wearing black heart leggings, a black loose fitting t-shirt, a black bra (which you can see the bra strap in quite a few photos), and her new favorite high heels (I say this since she was wearing the same ones at KOBA). Enjoy ^^~

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-15-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-01-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-02-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-03-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-04-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-05-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-06-very cute asian
Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-07-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-08-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-09-very cute asian
Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-10-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-11-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-12-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-13-very cute asian
Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-14-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-16-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-17-very cute asian
Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-18-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-19-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-20-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-21-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-22-very cute asian

Hwang-Mi-Hee-Heart-Leggings-23-very cute asian

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