Glasses are for Reading

I often forget that glasses are for assisting the eyes and not for making girls look ridiculously hot. I was debating whether I should post this set or not…


Yeon Da Bin in pink shorts and a white crop top. Enjoy ^^~


Hye Ji in a red, white poker-dotted dress. Enjoy ^^~

Han Ga Eun and Kim Ha Yul

What is better than one girl in bed? How about two . The duo of Han Ga Eun and Kim Ha Yul make a return for the Nikon D3100 launch event. They look super cute in PJs . Enjoy ^^~


Bo Mi in blue and grey striped sweater. Enjoy ^^~

Thursday, March 31, 2011

Lee Eun Hye, Another Leggy

Not as good as this post, but still worth it . Hope more set will be published soon. Enjoy ^^~

Cha Sun Hwa, Blue Stripes Shirt

Cha Sun Hwa with blue stripes shirt with big V neck. A little leggy and so little cleavage . Enjoy ^^~ .

Song Jina – Lotte Department Store Supercar Display

Continuing on with Cutkillavince’s post we have more from the Supercar display at the Lotte department store. Song Jina looks great in those red hot pants . Enjoy ^^~

Ryu Ji Hye, Check Pattern Dress

Ryu Ji Hye, Check Pattern Dress ......enjoy her cute smile ^^~

Han Ga Eun, 3 New Sets

Her latest studios, just taken yesterday. I like her set with leopard headband, she look so damn cute . The hot pink one still good, but what happen with her legs . The last theme, only one photo published so no comment . Ẹnjoy ^^~

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Oh Wow, 2 Leggy Sets of Lee Eun Hye

This fantastic sets was taken March 17th, 2011. So far only 5 photos published from this photos session . What a beautiful legs ....Enjoy ^^~

Cha Sun Hwa, Fancy Dress

Lovely Cha Sun Hwa in fancy pink dress and over the knee sock . Photos taken March 25th. Enjoy ^^~

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